Our contributions to where we are is what matters – CEO of Jobberman Ghana

Babajide Otoki, CEO of Jobberman Ghana has intimated that where one comes from does not really matter but how one is impacting his immediate society is what matters most.

“A lot of what matters is ones contribution and how we are able to come out on top of every situation. That to a very large extent will determine ones nationality. For instance Elon Musk, Founder of Paypal, SpaceX and Tesla went to America as a South Africa but today is an American citizen and now creating a lot of other products solving problems in the world.”

The CEO of Ghana’s number one recruitment solutions company was speaking as a guest on Radio Universe’s Big X Show; where he noted that we are getting to a point in the world where ones nationality is not of any significant importance but rather our contributions to the world around us, adding “As young people, we must be aware of this and psyche ourselves to be competitive and make contributions wherever we are.”

Mr Otoki recounted the story of how he left Nigeria in 2012 as a young man to start Jobberman Ghana after years of being with Jobberman Nigeria.

“In the year 2012, I was tasked with starting Jobberman Ghana. Hitherto, i had never been to Ghana and all I had on me on this journey was my backpack and a heart full of determination. I arrived in Accra and started what we all now know as Jobberman Ghana, virtually from nothing. But by dint of hard work and determination, we have been able to build Ghana’s no.1 jobs website in four (4) years.”

Jobberman Ghana has in the last few years provided services in the areas of Jobs and banner advertisement, Recruitment solutions services , CV database access,  and Career services. Currently, the company has over 350,o00 registered job seekers and over 12,000 companies registered on their platform.

Going forward, Mr Otoki pointed out that the future is very bright and promising, adding “we (Jobberman Ghana) are going to be looking at delving deeper into the jobs market, enriching the lives of job seekers and creating value for employers by giving job seekers more opportunities and benefits.

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